Rapoo T6 Wireless Mouse Review

Rapoo T6 Wireless Mouse Review

Rapoo T6 wireless mouse looks stunning. That’s the first impression you get when you see the gorgeous wireless mouse. It closely resembles the Apple Magic mouse. In fact it is almost same in functionality and usage as Appleā€™s magic mouse with little pro and cons. Rapoo is a well recognized brand for making good PC [Read More]

How To Shop Smartly Online & Save Money With Coupons

Online Shopping Coupons to Save Money

The online shopping boom has begun for quite some time. People are buying a lot of stuffs online which includes and is not limited to electronics, clothes, car accessory, etc. Almost everything can be purchased online. In fact I see a lot of people buying car or even real estate (land or property) online. No [Read More]

Online Shopping Vs Offline Shopping

Online Shopping Vs Offline Shopping

Online shopping became relevant in the last decade but offline shopping has existed since the existence of mankind. The kind of business online retailers are doing is proof enough that they are providing some benefits to customers which offline or brick and mortar stores can’t offer but it’s not as if online shopping is forcing [Read More]

Rapoo H3070 Wireless Headphone Review


Rapoo H3070, 2.4GHz wireless headphones can help you listen wirelessly to your favorite music up to 8 meters working range. Rapoo H3070 can be connected on your regular gadgets like laptops, mobile and tablet.     Rapoo H3070 can be used with any standard 3.5mm audio jack. You are required to recharge both the headset [Read More]

How to Automatically Add Watermark to Images in WordPress

How to Automatically Add Watermark to Images in WordPress

Almost every post in your WordPress site uses some images. Adding a watermark can be useful for a large no of reasons. Firstly, it creates a brand value for your site and gives a professional look. Secondly, it could prevent others bloggers from stealing images from your post. Even if someone still steal images and [Read More]

How to Create Self-Sign SSL Certificate in WordPress on Ubuntu with Nginx

Self-Sign SSL Certificate in WordPress nginx

SSL certificate is a technique to encrypt your transmission with the server so that your data is not transmitted in plain text. This prevents eavesdropping and any hacking or intrusion attempt on your WordPress website. The advantage of using a self-sign certificate for WordPress especially login page are:- Secured login transmission. Free of cost. No [Read More]

Portable Battery Charger AsiaPower PowerBank AP-2200A Review


Mobile Phone consume a lot of battery nowadays. Your smartphone is used for accessing internet, playing games, GPS navigation etc. No wonder you run out of power very quickly. Portable battery charger are getting popular due to continuous demand of your smartphone/Table/Ipod (mp3 player) for power. With the help of portable battery charger, you can [Read More]

EDIMAX BR-6258nL Travel Router Review

EDIMAX BR-6258nL Travel Router Review

Edimax is an old name related to network solutions for home and business enterprise. It specializes in making routers and Wifi related equipment such as WIfi range extenders. Lately, Edimax has been making a number of portable products such as Edimax 6258nL Travel Router. In this post, we get our hands on this cute little [Read More]

Free Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Giveaway

bitdefender total security 2013 free giveaway antivirus internet security

In my last post, I reviewed Bitdefender Total Security 2013. It was a combination of solid Anti-Virus equipped with good backup features. For more details, you can go through the review from the following link:   How to Participate in FreeĀ Bitdefender Total Security 2013 Giveaway Bitdefender Antivirus has been kind enough to offer 4 license [Read More]