SteelSeries Celebrates Holi By Giving Prizes (India Only)

SteelSeries is a very famous brand for gamers and it offers a wide variety of products ranging from Audio, Keyboards, Console accessories and many other products. These products can really make your gaming and audio experience to the next level.

In order to reach more people in India and spread awareness about its products, SteelSeries has come up with a very innovative contest. It is offering many prizes which includes many SteelSeries products and one MSI GT780 Gaming Laptop.

 SteelSeries Holi Giveaway for India

Press Release from SteelSeries India

Steelseries a multinational company with headquarters in Denmark, is one of the pioneering company in e sports.

As we know  e sport is becoming a popular sport in all the developing counties and thanks to the growth of computers and mobile phones it is becoming popular in India too.

Many people in developing countries are starting a career in e sports like chess and other board games. E sports help people in improving concentration level and problem solving abilities.

Esports help people to make plan and strategies and facilitate thinking.

To promote e sports in India Steelseries has come out with a very novel way of celebrating Holi with Indian gamers.


How To Participate in the Giveaway

Just log on to this page:

Now get a unique URL and share among your friends to be eligible for the giveaway.


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