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    This is a very scary thing to do! The most obvious problem I see in doing this is that while you are able to set the amount of time that Windows will be allowed to log you in without you having to provide a password, you yourself can’t necessarily guarantee that you will turn on/off the computer that amount of time. For example, what if I set the amount to 5 log in. I might turn off/on the computer for 4 times but what if I went out and someone else (family member?) decides to use turn on the computer? They will have direct access to my user account.

    The neat thing is I’ve never heard of this registry setting nor configuration. I always knew that Windows can allow you to bypass the logon screen even if you have a password but I never knew you could configure it to bypass it for a configured amount of time! This is a very funny prank to play on someone if I can somehow get access to their computer! Imagine the surprise when they turn on their computer and it immediately bypasses the log on prompt!

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      It was never meant for security purpose. As you clearly stated that you never know in advance how many times you are going to log in. Its prime purpose was to let some applications install stuff in your PC which require reboot multiple time without the need of password ever time it restarts PC.

      I never thought of using it as a Prank :P, worth a try.

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