Change Wallpaper Automatically Everyday With Bing and Kuvva App

How to Change your Desktop Backgrounds or Wallpaper automatically everyday: If you are the kind of person who cannot stand one wallpaper for more than a few days and periodically search for some great HD wallpapers then this post will save a lot of time and effort for you in finding and changing new desktop backgrounds/wallpapers. A new and fresh background on your PC refreshes mind and you would surely love the idea of having a great new wallpaper everyday rather than having a fixed and boring wallpaper popping up every time you start your computer.


Kuvva Application Automatically Change Wallpaper Everyday

Kuvva is an application which automatically changes your desktop background everyday. This App is connected to the official website of Kuvva. It automatically searches and downloads a wallpaper background everyday for you. It downloads the background from the database of wallpapers which you can preview on their website. There is also an App which can change your Twitter Background Wallpaper too.

To use this App, simply check their website. Fill out a simple Signup form and register yourself for Kuvva service. Next, you would be provided with the link to download the application for your computer. Kuvva works for both Windows as well as Mac. You can do the same for changing your Twitter Backgrounds too.

Kuvva Bing application change wallpaper everyday automatically in windows and mac OS

After you have installed the application then you can Right Click on it in the taskbar to navigate through some options like Preferences, Next, Previous etc. Clicking on Next Option would change the wallpaper to some other wallpaper. The Preference  option is used for selecting the desired stream option for wallpaper which you want to apply for your background. You can configure and select these wallpaper by visiting official website. There are a lot of wallpaper collection available pertaining to different themes and style. Figure out the one which fits your style.


Bing Desktop To Change Wallpaper

Microsoft has recently released a small application ( just 1.4MB in size ) to apply wallpaper to you desktop everyday. The background applied would be the same which you can see on the official Bing Website. It also adds a Bing Search box on your front screen letting you to search anything right form your desktop.

Bing Desktop Changes Wallpaper Background Automatically Every Day

While installation, check the desired options according to your needs. It lets you change wallpaper everyday, set homepage to MSN on Internet Explorer and make Bing as your default search engine on IE. You can also change the location of pinning the search toolbar.


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    thanks for the info Ankur . I just dowloaded Bing Desktop I will check it out and let you know how good it is. thanks for the update

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    I just installed Bing Desktop and I’m liking it a lot since I’m always in the hunt for great looking wallpapers. I’m not a big fan of the search bar and as another commenter just mentioned, pinning it to the top interferes with your tab switching when your tabs are set above the address bar. Oddly enough, pinning the search bar in the middle of your desktop, while I don’t find that as annoying as some others, it is very weird that the app icon stays open on your taskbar! The good news is that you can actually wait for the wallpaper to download each day and then exit the app, which will also close the search bar. Being as how there is only one wallpaper per day anyways from Bing, you don’t need the task running constantly if you’re not going to use the search bar.

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      That’s a good way of reducing resources by exiting the app and still changing the wallpaper every day.
      It appears that most people are trying Bing app and Kuvva app. I thought the other way round.

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        I personally can vouch for Bing wallpapers because a lot of people, including myself, were looking for ways in the past to dynamically download the Bing wallpapers. By default, newer versions of Windows can actually use RSS files to dynamically apply wallpapers. However, they were messy and not many users liked that idea. Microsoft then decided to create their own little RSS wallpaper app that included the Bing wallpapers but they only downloaded previous wallpapers, not the current one of the day.

        With this new Bing desktop app, users finally get to use the newest Bing wallpaper everyday without any hassle. Well, that’s not quite true because we have the search bar to deal with!

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            HAH! I just created a simple .BAT file to open the Bing app, wait 3 seconds, and then exit the process. I then scheduled this batch file to run every time I logged onto the computer. You’ll also have to manually tell the Bing app to NOT run upon computer startup otherwise this won’t work. This way, I can be sure to get the newest wallpaper from Bing every time I log in without having to manually run the program and then manually exiting again because of the Bing Search bar.

            cd “C:\Program Files\Microsoft\BingDesktop”
            start bingdesktop.exe
            ping -n 1 -w 3000 >NUL
            taskkill /IM bingdesktop.exe

            I know this is hardly the most efficient way but so far, its working flawlessly!


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