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Security and protection are more important today than ever before. Between hackers and monitoring, it can be hard to transfer data with any degree of anonymity. This is why having a VPN service is so important. A few weeks ago, I also posted Review of Kepard VPN. You can read it from the link below:


Kepard has earned a reputation for ease of use, serious protection and unlimited traffic. For a limited time, Kepard and TechEveryTime are giving away VPN service subscriptions – 5 lucky people can look forward to serious protection at no cost for 3 months!

Why does VPN service matter? Anyone who has ever tried to access a restricted site knows just how problematic “big brother” can be. Kepard lets you get around that situation. Moreover, Kepard offers protected data transfer up and down from or to anyone in the world. With five servers located in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada, you can also change servers any number of times without putting yourself in jeopardy.

Sign Up for This Amazing Giveaway!

For those looking for the ultimate in protection and privacy, Kepard is a good solution. Sign up for the chance to win Free VPN service for 3 entire months at no cost to you! You’ll get hassle-free protection, full security and the peace of mind that you need. Kepard provides a range of vital benefits, including:

* You get tremendous freedom to go where you want online without worrying about blocked sites, hackers or monitoring.

* You get the privacy you deserve because Kepard block spy software from stealing your personal, private information.

* You get full, robust online security so you never have to worry that personal or financial information is going to be compromised.

* You get state of the art encryption with every bit transmitted up or down using a variety of different protocols.

Enter The Kepard VPN Giveaway !!

How do you enter the giveaway? Actually, it couldn’t be easier! Just follow the steps below:

1. Comment on this blog post – let us know why you want the protection offered by Kepard.

2. Follow @ankurandu and @kepardcom on Twitter & Tweet to your followers (optional):

Know the Deadline!

The giveaway will end on – 30  September 2012.

Good luck to everyone.


Winners Are ….



Phelix Daniels

Dux Prada


Congratulations to all the winners. I would mail you the details soon.


  1. Sam says

    I’m the first!
    Guys, that’s really nice service you provide for people. It’s important for citizens of Central Asian states where Internets is censored and many sites are blocked (BBC, Facebook, Youtube etc.). So as people of China, Iran and other authoritarian states.
    I need protection from Kepad. Thanks for your job!

  2. Cool says

    Thank for this giveaway! I think this will benefit me as I always trading stuff online. This also will help to protect my privacy and being sniffed by other. I can also use this to access restricted site of my country.

    Thank again and please d count me in too!

  3. vhick says

    Kepard seems to be offered a secure connection over the internet. Protect my privacy and connecting to hard to reach site from my country.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Phelix Daniels says

    I’m using Kepard evey day (Trial version, unfortuantely). I tried already a lot of different programs for changing IP (almost all, I’d say). I’m not sure that I can write here the names of that programs… but I will, if you want. So, trust me: this is the best! Beutiful, simple, works! That are 3 words, that explain it totally!

    Anyway, I use Kepard every day to watch my favorite shows on MTV and Discovery online, because with my original IP I get only messages like “This video is blocked for your region” -.- And Kepard is a real hand of help for me… but only for 30 minutes… every day. So, every day I have to make a decision what video I want to see (and even not whole video) :)

  5. Dux Prada says


    I have a problem! I am from Germany, but I got a job (for 2 years contract) in Ukraine. And I was really wondered that PayPal doesn’t work for Ukrainians (I mean, It works, but only very limitedly). So, every time when I want to use PayPal I have to ask someone (friends or relatives) to help, give him my account data… really It’s very inefficiently and unsafe. So, I hope that Kepard will help me.

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