Full Circle Magazine: A Great Free Linux Resource

Full circle magazine is a great resource for Linux learners. I came to know about this great free magazine a few months back and have been regularly reading it. Personally I found this as a great resource for Linux users. It has got great articles ranging from Libre Office tutorial, Gimp tweaks, programming stuff and general Linux doubts, queries, news and clarifications.

Full Circle Magazine for Ubuntu Linux

One of the great things about Full Circle is that you are welcome to contribute to this magazine. In fact the editors of Full Circle ask for your articles and contribution in order to run this magazine. It even started a separate “Python” series in order to help people learn this interesting programming language. I have been reading this series and love theway the authors have given the examples making it comfortable for beginners to learn the new concepts.
Full Circle Magazine also uploads podcasts highlighting news and events relating to Linux and Ubuntu community. If you are a Linux user then you must read it.

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    Awesome find! I always love it when people spend their free time doing things for the community. I downloaded a magazine issue and it was very nicely put together. However, its much more technical beyond my skill level! Ubuntu and Linux fans should be right at home though. =)

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