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Ankur Chauhan

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On March 16, 2013
Last modified:March 16, 2013


Overall, Norton Multi Device is a good choice if you want to manage all your device though single setup and one unified online account.

Online security is very important today. Every day thousands of new malware enter the internet and try to make their way to your PC and steal important credentials. It’s not just computers, malware are now prevalent in tablets and mobile devices too. Managing protection for all these devices is made easy by Norton Multi Device. It take care of protecting your personal computer, tablet or mobile device. One license of Norton Multi Device can protect up to 5 such devices. These devices can be combination of any of your PC, tablet or cell phone.

Norton 360 Multi Device review 2013

Norton 360 Main Screen

I installed Norton 360 premier on my windows 8 machine. It works flawlessly with Windows 8. The installation was quick and within a few minutes Norton 360 was successfully running on my laptop. The main screen is similar to previous versions of Norton 360. There are basically 4 tabs: Security, Identity, Backup and Tune-up. All other important Settings can be accessed right from the top. Overall the GUI is well framed and should be easy to use for novice and experts alike. You can also manage your Norton account from the tab on the right.

Norton 360 Multi Device Front Screen

Anti-Spam & Firewall

From protection perspective, Norton antivirus protects you from virus, Trojans, rootkits and all sorts of malware. Norton Anti-Spam work great by getting rid of spam mails which flood you inbox. I could verify it with my outlook 2013 where it appropriately categorized spam mails. Norton firewall is also very strong. It protects against all type of network attacks. Some other goodies like Norton Anti Phishing make sure that you are not fooled by any rogue site.

Norton 360 Settings Pane

The quick, custom or full scans check your PC for virus through Norton signatures as well using Norton cloud. Appropriate messages are displayed if anything is found. Norton one click button cleans them all. Norton installs plugins in your browser. It display a green tick mark next to a site link in your online search if it has been verified to be safe.

Identity safe & Performance

Norton Identity safe helps in managing your passwords. It saves the passwords or login information so that you don’t have to remember them. It’s appropriately synced too. There is performance monitor which captures all performance related details. It gives information about how much resources are used by Norton. CPU & memory statistics are displayed over a period of time.

Norton Identity Safe

To check its detection capabilities, I plugged in my virus infected USB on my PC. Norton cleaned it all as soon as I opened it. I also visited some nasty websites in order to check its web protection. Norton flagged dangerous websites correctly. That’s good score on protection part. On download of any exe file, Norton automatically scans it and checks it online reputation.

Norton 360 Virus detection Message


For Facebook addicts, there is a Norton Safe Web app to check all links on your profile. It can be set to daily scan your profile.Some other good features of Norton 360 multi device is 25GB of online secured storage for 1 year. It can be used to backup important files and documents. Registry cleaner can be used to get rid of some unwanted left over registry entries. Norton sometimes alerts if any program takes high amount of resources. I got warning that chrome was taking high CPU occasionally.

Norton 360 Backup can be used to make backup sets. You have the option to backup online or on your local drive. You need Norton account to be able to use online backup functionality.

Norton Mobile Security 2013

For Android phones, there is separate installer which can be downloaded via play store. It can be used to wipe away all data in your device in case it is stolen. Of course, it checks your device for any virus. It did take some RAM and eats away some battery of your phone.

Overall, Norton Multi Device is a good choice if you want to manage all your device though single setup and one unified online account.


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