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Some Great South Indian Movies That You Need To Watch Right Now

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Indian movies are the collection of both Bollywood or Hindi-movies and South Indian movies or regionally based movies. The South Indian cinema is based on five regional film industries that are Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tulu films. The movies made here are dynamic and have a very large fan-base.

These movies have always played a major role in leading Indian cinema where it is today. Recently, the regional film industry has gained the recognition it deserved. Many new South Indian movies have currently released. There are a number of south Indian movies that you need to see. Here is the list of few.

1 Nenokkadine:

This is a Telugu psychological thriller film. It is known as one of the best movies with its amazing plot and twist. The action sequence was well choreographed and the action was on point. The suspense had people hooked and the direction is exceptional. It was really well received by the audience.

Vikram Vedha:

This Tamil movie was an absolute hit at the box office. This movie explores lines between good and bad and reflects that not all things are black and white. The storyline was terrific and the performance was extraordinary. This was an impressive take on the playful action movie.

Ondu Motteya Katha:

This is a romantic comedy in the Kannada language based on the man who embarks on the journey of self-discovery and faces challenges due to his bald head. This movie is one of those simple classics that are both entertaining and teach you a good life lesson. This movie was loved by the audience.

Ramji Rao Speaking:

This Malayalam movie is a pure comedy based on the lives of three unemployed men and the events that happen when they decide to be part of a kidnapping scheme. It is the first movie in the Ramji Rao series and has stolen hearts all around. Hindi remake of this movie was also made by the name of Hera Pheri which was a massive hit in the Hindi cinema as well.

Kirik Party:

This Kannada movie is a refreshing take on the life of an engineering student. This romantic comedy was amazing with great dialogues, captive performance, and a relatable story. This movie was greatly loved by the youth and elders alike.

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