July 24, 2021

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Dubai, UAE

Astonishing things to try out during your safari adventure

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When people want to go for the morning safari Dubai then they think that they can have lovely view of sun in the open and amazing poses to do in the sand, they do not exactly have the idea about the other astonishing things which they can experience there. They can also opt to go for the overnight safari Dubai but again they think that they can go there and eat dinner have some fun talk and sleep that’s all. They do not have the idea about the great fun they can do there when they are going with a good travelling company. To get the idea about more fun, you can see this below:

Sand ski: When you are going in the morning then you will get the chance to have fun with the sand ski sport. In this sport you are provided with the ski board and you can ski with them just like people ski in the sea. You have to go to a higher level of sand dune and then you can come down from there with the ski. It will be a great fun for you and even for the kids. Kids can also do that easily but you have to make sure that they are wearing a mask so that they do not inhale the sand.

Camel trek: It is another attraction in the desert because people normally do not get the chance to travel on the camels. Camel is known as the air plane of desert because it can run too fast on the sand. No other animal can run faster than camel on the sand due to the shape of its feet. You can enjoy its ride as it will be full of amusement and fun. Especially kids will enjoy the ride very much.

Quad Bikes: It is another attraction of the day safari that you can ride a quad bike by yourself and even your kids can ride the ones which is for kids. Driving a quad bike is not difficult and your instructor there will tell you about how to start and how to turn, then you can ride it easily but make sure that you do not go far away from your base camp otherwise you will get caught in any trouble.