Sun. Jul 5th, 2020

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FAQs About Securing an Investor Visa

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People have a misconception that an investor is a residency visa but it is totally wrong and different. But this article will answer the question that might ring some bells in your head. And if you find this article helpful please rate the article below. Coming to the questions, people think that they have an investor visa of United States or from any other country, they think that they can invest in the UAE as well. But the answer is that you cannot invest in UAE if you don’t have investor visa of UAE even if you have enough money.

Speaking of an investor visa, people ask that can they get an investor visa if they have a limited amount of investment. And yes, you can get the investor visa with limited amount of money but that amount has to be at least 50,000 AED. But you cannot get the residency of the country. And if at any times you decide to cancel your investor visa. You can get it cancelled if you have 180 days or more left within 1 year. But if you have a real emergency, you can violate any rule of UAE and the visa instantly. Don’t violate any rule that will get you banned permanently.

The most frequently asked question is that how much an investor visas cost. If you want to get an investor visa for doing business you need at least 70,000 AED or if you want to buy a property which is an investor visa for property and that will cost at least 1 million AED. People also ask how many days will it take to get the visa? It will take 30 days if you have the complete documents and if the embassy requires other documents it can take 40 to 45 days maximum. And when it comes to documents for getting an investor visa, you have to first complete an application form, four passport size photos which should be latest, give a registration fee, the passport pages and a license which will show activity of your business trade.

There are more than many benefits of having an investor visa, first it is longer in years and they have different countries free on that visa. They can open account in any bank easily. And if you get the investor visa you have to get visa change for UAE.