July 6, 2022

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Dubai, UAE

How to find the best fertility clinic

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Fertility clinics are where all the fertility tests, diagnoses and treatments take place. But you cannot just go to any fertility clinic that way. Like you look up for hospitals and doctors, similarly you have to look up for fertility clinics. Because not going to the right one would just be useless. A wastage of time, money and even hope. You would definitely not like to bear the pain that even the treatments are not working for you when you have just got into a wrong clinic:

Success  Rates:

Look at the success rates of the best IVF clinics in Dubai first. Their website would definitely quote how much successful they are and what are the expected IVF success rates. If there are no success rates on the website available, cut that clinic out, right away from your list. This is because it is not worth it. Even if they tell you their success rate, look for the success rate of birth also which is, again, very important. You just don’t want to get pregnant but you want a child too. So never completely believe what their success rates are, they might just be omitting some of the hard cases.

More options:

A clinic should always propose to you more than one option. Even it is cheap. Patient has the right to go for something that is more close to nature and inexpensive rather than a big laboratory procedure and expensive. If the clinic is just concerned with making money then they would just offer you with IVF immediately. Take that as stop sign immediately. A good clinic would go for a treatment that is best for you whether it be IUI, ICSI or IVF.


It is very important to look up for certification and licenses. It needs extensive training and practice before starting their practice completely. You would just not want a doctor for sure but out of all urology doctors in Dubai, you would like to have the best one. And that is completely impossible without proper training and certification.

Initial Consultation:

This is one of the final steps in deciding whether or not you are going to get your treatment in that particular fertility clinic or not. In this initial consultation you have to critically analyse whether the doctor is faithful or just wants to make money. How does the doctor answer your queries, does he/she tries to understand your concern or not?