November 27, 2022

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Reasons why you might need to visit a neurologist

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Neurologists provide treatments to certain nervous system disorders such as disorders related to brain, spinal cord and nerves. The nervous system disorders are neuropathic pain, migraines, seizures, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease. Even the persons who are suffering from back pain or neck pain may have different diagnosis so these are only neurologists who can diagnose them on the basis of their symptoms. The symptoms of these disorders depend upon the part of nervous system damaged. So according to your symptoms, you must visit neurologist in Dubai or the best spine doctor in Dubai.

Some of the disorders are given in which you need to visit neurologists.

Neuropathic pain:   In neuropathic pain nerves are damaged which ultimately damages brain or spinal cord. It mostly occurs in diabetic patients. But this pain requires proper treatment instead of treating it by painkillers.

Migraines:  these can also be considered as one side headache. It can remain from few hours to several days. Painkillers can also be used to treat pain caused by migraines but sometimes migraines lead to nausea and sensitivity to light. Due to these factors it is not always easy to diagnose migraine so there is need to visit neurologists for proper diagnosis. But there are some causative agents of migraines which you should take care of yourself from these agents, these are food and stress levels. High stress levels may cause increase in migraines.

Seizures:  seizures are characterized as uncontrolled movements of body which may further lead to unconsciousness. It is a long term disorder which may remain for several years. But before starting its treatment, proper diagnosis is required and its diagnostic tests are MRI and CT scan.

Brain/Spinal cord injury:  accidents, sports injuries may lead to brain or spinal cord injuries. These injuries include headache, dizziness, seizures, loss of memory and cognition problem. 

Multiple sclerosis:    it is characterized as disorder of brain and spinal cord. And it causes change in vision and tingling sensation. Medications can also be used for it but never take its medication without consultation of your neurologists.

Parkinson’s disease:  loss of brain cells occur in Parkinson’s disease resulting in the slow movement of body. It mostly occurs at the age of 60. There are no proper diagnostics tests for this disease but this disease can only be diagnosed by experienced neurologists. However, it can only be determined by deep brain stimulation.